3rd Vietnam Summer School of Science 2015

Trường hè Khoa học Việt Nam lần thứ 3, Hà Nội 24-26/8/2015



Dr. NGUYEN NGOC ANH (1971) owned his Bachelor of Arts (honors) from Hanoi Foreign Trade University in 1993, and his Master and PhD degrees both from Lancaster University (UK) in 1997 and 2002, respectively. He has been an officer at the Department of Asia-Pacific Affairs and the Department of Europe and North America of the Ministry of Trade (1995-1996, 1998-1999, 2005), a postdoctoral/research fellow at Lancaster University (UK, 2002-2004), and a lecturer at Hanoi School of Business (2004-2008). His professional career embraces positions such as senior researcher at National Council for Science and Technology Policy (2005-2008), chief economist at Development and Policies Research Center (2005-now), and advisor to the Economic Committee of the National Assembly (2008-now). His foci are international business and economics.



Dr. TRAN HAI DUC (1984) graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2006. He then received his Master and PhD in Physics from Chungbuk National University (Republic of Korea) in 2009 and 2014, respectively. He currently worked as a lecturer at Faculty of Physics, College of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. His research interests focus on vortex dynamics in superconductors, fabrications of nanosized artificial pinning centers, oxide and superconducting films, especially the superconducting cables for power-related applications.



Dr. GIAP VAN DUONG (1976) got his Bachelor of Engineering from Hanoi University of Technology in 1999, Master of Engineering from Chonbuk National University (South Korea) in 2002 and PhD from the Vienna University of Technology (Austria) in 2006. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Vienna University of Technology (Austria, 2006-2007) and University of Liverpool (UK, 2007-2010), prior to joining the National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2010-2012) as a research scientist. His areas of expertise consist of magnetic materials, material physics and nanophysics. In 2013, he returned to Vietnam to start his educational projects, including GiapSchool, Books4Experts and Books4Children and conduct transformative coaching programs for enterprises.



Dr. TRAN TRONG DUONG (1980) has worked as a researcher at The Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences since 2007, and as a lecture at Hanoi Academy of Buddhism since 2010. He graduated with the Bachelor and Master of Linguistics and Literature in 2002 and 2005, respectively, from the Colleague of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He received the Ph.D. degree of Linguistics and Literature from the Graduate Academy of Social Sciences in 2011. His major is historical linguistics, religious symbolics, and Vietnamese medieval history.



Dr. NGUYEN DUC DZUNG (1979) graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi with the Bachelor of Science degrees (from Honors Program) in 2001, respectively. He was then awarded PhD degree in physics from the Osaka University (Japan) in 2009. He worked as a lecturer at Vietnam National University Hanoi (2001-2005), research associate at Osaka University (2009-2010), research scientist at Vietnam Standard and Quality Institute (2010-2012) prior to joining Hanoi University of Science and Technology as a lecturer. His research interests involve transmission electron microscopy and nano-ananlysis applied to nanomaterials, and technology transferring.



Dr. LUU QUANG HUNG (1982) completed his Bachelor of Science (from Honors Program) at Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2004 and PhD from Kyoto University (Japan) in 2012. He has been a lecturer at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2004-2008), a doctoral fellow at University of Queensland (Australia, 2005) and a project researcher at Kyoto University (Japan, 2011-2012). Since 2012, he has joined the National University of Singapore (Singapore) as a research fellow. His research interest involves physical oceanography and climate change. He is a founder of Sakura Scholarship Foundation (2010-2012) and Orchid Scholarship Foundation (2012-now) to encourage poor, talented and passionate high-school students in Vietnam.


Dr. DANG VAN SON (1981) holds a PhD, supported from Marie Curie FP6 program, from the University of Birmingham (UK) since 2011. He was an honour researcher at the University of Birmingham (6 months) and consultant at Coated Conductor Cylinders Ltd (Malvern, UK) and the FP7 Marie Curie research fellow (Experienced Researcher-ER, Postdoc) in Inorganic Chemistry department, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. Dr Dang research interests include high temperature superconductor (HTS) applications for long-length coated conductor, flux pinning centres for HTS and modelling of flux pinning centres. Now is work as a lecturer at Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He is the founder of the S3 Academy for Creation, inspiring children to love science.



Dr. PHAM SY THANH (1980) obtained his Bachelor of Sciene in Chinese Studies and Master of Science in Oriental Studies, both at College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He gained his PhD in Economics at Nankai University, China. He is now a lecturer at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Director of China Program at VERP. His study includes Growth Theory of China and Chinese economy (1949-now), the economic relationship between China-ASEAN, revolution of Chinese state-owned enterprises (1978-now) and other fields.



Dr. NGO DUC THE (1982) graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi with the Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in 2004 and 2006, respectively. He then obtained his PhD from University of Glasgow (UK) in 2010. He worked as a research fellow at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2004-2006 and 2010), Toyota Technological Institute (Japan, 2010-2011) and National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2011-2013). He is continuing his postdoctoral research at Technical University of Denmark (Denmark, 2013-now). His research interests include nanomaterials for nanoelectronic and energy applications, and electron microscopy. In 2013, he initiated the Science Summer School to inspire and support young Vietnamese researchers pursuing academic careers.



Pianist TRINH MAI TRANG (1986) is considered as one of Vietnam’s most promising young talent in Classical Music, Trang Trinh has rapidly emerged as the Nation’s leading young artist ever since completing her study with Distinction at the Royal Academy of Music (London), with concert engagements both within the borders and throughout Europe. Known for her creativity, sincere musicianship, beautiful sound and a uniquely friendly approach, Trang’s success marked her out as not only an in-demand Concert Pianist, but also as a passionate Advocate of Classical Music, a unique Artist whose commitment both to her Art and her Audience shines through in every performance.
“The audience deeply moved by her Technique and Sensitivity”, Linz News, Austria, 2010.
“Trang Trinh has clearly become the Representative artist with strong influence on the Vietnamese Art Scene”, Vietnamnet, November 2012.


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